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About me

Janey Klunder has been writing stories since she was four, and full-blown novels since she was fifteen, but ‘The Spectrum Chick’ was her first serious attempt at self-publishing. She wrote the book based on her own experiences after being diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at the age of twenty-three, and hopes to help other young women with the condition realise that they are not alone.
‘Led by Example’, her second novel, is a modern love story that focuses on gay rights – of which she is a big supporter. She released ‘The Spectrum Chick II’ in 2016 – the same year in which she was nominated for the Best Ally Award at Fife’s first LGBTI Pride Gala. She is currently working on sequels for both stories and lives near Edinburgh in Scotland – where all her works of fiction are set.


The Spectrum Chick: Who wants to be
normal ?

The book is about loss, love and finding your own way... even when it feels like you are losing your mind. Meet Tiger Lily, a lonely twentysomething who works as a checkout girl at a local supermarket in Scotland. Tiger Lily loves.....

The Spectrum Chick 2: Asperger's IS What's

In this sequel to 2014's The Spectrum Chick, find out what happens after Tiger Lily falls in Love. Tiger Lily has come to peace with the five words that threw her life into chaos less than two years ago. She is happy in her relationship, unhappy with her job, and .....

Led By Example

What do you do when your boyfriendd's mate turns out to be a disgusting pervert, but nobody believes you? Not your boyfriend, and not his sister - who also happens to be your roommate? After one bad New Year's Eve Party.....


I loved this book

I loved this book. A fun read with interesting characters who were easy to identify with. The main female character Tiger Lilly is an endearing woman on the Spectrum who we can all see parts of ourselves in. Well written to read and a joy to read…..

Heartwarming and Enchanting! who wants to be “normal” anyway?

What do you expect from a girlfriend Tiger Lily , the unexpected, that’s what! A delightful story about a young womans journey to find out who she truly is. It is amazing how labels can affect us and when Tiger Lilly finds out, as a young adult,
that she has aspergers her entire world changes…..

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