Led By Example

Led by Example

What do you do when your boyfriend’s mate turns out to be a disgusting pervert, but nobody believes you? Not your boyfriend, and not his sister – who also happens to be your roommate? After one bad New Years’ Eve party young Bernadette finds herself with no boyfriend, no roommate, and no dignity. Great start to the year.

Her luck appears to be changing when she meets the amazingly sexy and sweet Jules, who works in her building… and needs a place to live, fast. Grabbing the opportunity, Bernadette offers him her spare room and fantasizes about romantic cosy nights in. Her dreams are crushed when soon after, Jules reveals to Bernadette his big secret: he’s gay. But he has an even bigger favour to ask her… will she be his fake girlfriend, so that he doesn’t have to come out of the closet so soon after arriving in Scotland from the States? Her mates think she’s mad, but he’s so kind and lost… and gorgeous… how can she say no?

And Jules promised Bernadette that their weird arrangement would come to an end if she met someone. But the identity of Bernadette’s next crush – his own brother – might be a push too for all of them…





Led By Example