The Spectrum Chick

The Spectrum Chick: Who wants to be
normal ?

From new author Janey Klunder comes a tale of loss, love, and finding your own way… even when it feels like you are losing your mind.
Meet Tiger Lily, a lonely twentysomething who works as a checkout girl at a local supermarket in Scotland.

Tiger Lily loves writing lists and finding fancy stationary to write them on. Her boss thinks she’s lazy, her family thinks she’s odd, and she’s about to learn that there are many others like her.

Over the course of one seminal year, Tiger Lilly will make friends near and far, have a man fly halfway across the globe just to meet her, and fall in love not once, but twice.

And it all starts with five simple words that threaten to spin her world into more chaos than she ever imagined, unless she can learn to accept herself and find her own path.


The Spectrum Chick